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Killing the two oil pressure switches


I seems too much of a coincidence, but I lost my first oil sensor switch
just after I changed the thermostat. In fact I lost the other one just a few
weeks later. Well, I figured they had just needed to be changed, and it
was coincidence they went bad within a few weeks of each other.
That was five years ago....

Well, I changed them BOTH again, four months ago. First one leaked,
I ordered it, took a week to come in ( mail order... of course) and it took
another week to get around to it. Well the oil leak continued, and I was
sure I had just screwed up, and guessed wrong on the sensor that had
been leaking, and replaced the wrong one. So I ordered the OTHER ONE
and replaced it. No leaks since then.

Now, when did these problems occur, well RIGHT AFTER I did a complete
cooling system flush. Used the garden hose in one side, and the water
pouring out the upper radiator hose, with the engine running hot,
to make sure the water was circulating all over.


Alan Cordeiro
í86 5kQ, 170k miles, becoming a money pit just like OSMANís Q, 
Latest problems include a humming sound from below the car. 
( three of the four wheel bearings already done, still have one original,
and the famous drive shaft center bearing to replace...)

>then driving away I found that a sensor that was located directly
>below the hose that blew up was squirting out oil, This sensor
>(unknown name) is located directly on the block and is one of two in
>the same general location (this is the 5 cyl model of course) 
>the two sensors are on the lower end of the left hand side of the
>block or head or whatever (I'm not super engine savy here since I'm
>not that familar with repairing the sensors of this model or make.