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Coupe GT R.I.P.


The 1987.5 Coupe GT 2.3 that I have lovingly restored and maintained over
the past 2 1/2 years has perhaps seen it's last day.  While driving back
to college from Helena to Missoula, Montana on Tuesday, a 16 year-old girl
ran a stop sign and I t-boned her going about 40 mph.  The grill, right
headlight, hood, both front quarter panels, and the entire passengers side
are crumpled.  My first estimate for repairs was $6500, and I am awaiting
my second estimate.

My fear is that the girl's insurance company is going to come
back with a low-ball offer of about $2K, which is probably the 'book
value' of the car.  I paid $3800 for the car in 1996 with 76K miles.  I
thought it was an absolute steal considering the pristine condition of the
body and interior.  I have kept *every* receipt for maintenance and
improvements during the time I've owned it, and have all the receipts from
the original owner as well.  By the time I tallied everything I've put
into the car, excluding regular maintenance, I'm in it over $7500.  It was
truly the nicest GT I've ever seen.

The questions I put to all of you are these:

1. How do I convince her insurance company that this is indeed a rarer
version of the Coupe GT (which I took 6 months to find), and that it's
value is perhaps far higher that 'book' considering it's rarity, pristine
condition, and the improvements made to it.  Any information you all have
concerning the difficulty in obtaining a 2.3 GT or it's relative rarity
would be helpful.

2. Do I repair the Coupe if they give me enough money, or do I go in
search of another GT as good of condition (a daunting task, indeed), or do
I look for another Audi and try to forget my beloved Coupe in which I have
invested so much time, money, and care.  As it sits in the lot behind the
repair shop, it seems to be calling out to be made new again and not to be
given up on.  My attachment to this car has surprised even me.

Any advice from you concerning how to proceed to maximize my chances of a
larger settlement for what I consider (perhaps biasedly) a rare gem of a
car or advice on whether to repair or abandon the Coupe would be greatly

Thank you all in advance.

Aaron L. Pratt
1987.5 Coupe GT 2.3 'Special Build'
Black over Mouse Fur with the Tokyo-by-Night dash.