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Stuart Friedman wrote:

> Winter storage procedures I last used on my 2002;
> Try to run out as much of the fuel as possible,add some gas stabilizer
> (Stabil) to the tank, run it another minute or so, shut it down (Stabil is
> available at any small engine shop).

oooohhhhh boy. I would fill the tank as much as possible and add Stabil. This
prevents condensation and rust come springtime.

> Pull the plugs, squirt a tsp of motor oil into each cylinder, replace plugs.

For winter storage it may not be worth it, but it certainly helps. If its more
than 5 or 6 months go for it. Less than that, just start it once in a while if

> Pull the battery, make sure you know the radio code if applicable
> Carefully elastic band some paper, not plastic over the tailpipe, keeps the
> rodents out.

Good advice!

> Some advocate pulling the wheels/tires outting it on blocks. Never seemed
> to be worth the trouble to me.

Yeah, i used to do that, then I figured it wasnt really worth all the hassle.
Only until my SP8000's did I never have a problem with that.

> Close the doors on the first catch, leaving the pressure off of the rubber
> ( I am not convinced this matters, after all the doors would be closed
> 99.99% of the time if you were running it, but what the hell!)

Will rodents get in?(reminds me of a story in AutoWeek some time ago.... Lexus
was testing the air tightness of their new cars. They would put a cat in the car
and if the cat was dead the next day, the car was airtight. Chrysler following
suit put a cat in the car... the next day the cat was gone!!)