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Re: Speakers on my 90CS Quattro.

This procedure will go on the 12v pages someday, but I don't think it's
there yet.....

So...here's the procedure again:

- Remove the door panel for the offending speaker (usually just do both
since as soon as you fix one the other one will start):
- Remove one screw from bottom half of door handle, then remove screws from
top outer corners of the door panel.
- Remove the bottom half of the door handle (pull down), then remove the
two large phillips head screws holding in the top half of the door handle. 
Remove the upper half of the door handle (pull up; jiggle left and right
while pulling up, scream and curse, pry with screwdriver, scream and curse,
then accidentally slip the [zarking] thing right up like there's nothing
holding it in...I still don't know quite how this happens).
- Grab the remaining bits of the door handle and PULL UP HARD.  This is a
little easier if you've rolled down the window first.  As soon as it gives,
STOP PULLING or you will be chasing a little metal clip across the
garage/driveway/grass/whatever.  The door panel has wires for the window
switch, speakers, and a cable for the door handle.  Get the door handle
cable off first; remove the little clip (get a good grip as you pull on it
or it will fall into the door...a magnetic screwdriver is handy here) then
twist around the cable until it unattaches itself from the door handle
thing.  Then disconnect the wires for the window switch.  Last get the
wires for the speakers.
- Unscrew the 5-6 phillips head screws that hold the big plastic cover over
the back of the speaker at the bottom of the door.  Lift straight up. 
There's three phillips head screws holding little brackets around the
speaker, remove them and the speaker will drop through the hole in the door
- Get a Torx screwdriver (can't remember which size; T-10 maybe?) and
unscrew the 4 screws holding the metal box to the back of the speaker.
- Pull the metal box out CAREFULLY.  Sometimes it's attached to the with
glue on the inside, and if you pull really hard, when the glue gives you'll
rip some important wires out.  It might be best to pry the metal box
instead of yanking on it until the glue gives.
- Set the speaker face down on a table, hold the metal box with one hand,
and unscrew the 4 torx screws holding down the circuit board inside the
metal box with your other hand.  Also unscrew the little screw that
attaches the amplifier chip to the metal box.  Try not to rub off all of
the heatsink compound unless you've got some handy.
- When you get the circuit board out, use it as a template and cut out a
piece of cardboard from the back of a pad of paper that's EXACTLY the same
size as the board, with screw holes in the right places.
- Re-assemble the whole thing, using the piece of cardboard to insulate the
back of the circuit board from the metal case.  Don't remove the wad of
glue, it keeps the circuit board from touching the back of the speaker.  If
there wasn't a wad of glue there, it's a good idea to put something there
to insulate the magnet structure of the speaker from the circuit board too.


> From: Steven Chan <ykloveck@hotmail.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Speakers on my 90CS Quattro.
> Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 11:39 PM
> Hi, all:
> My '93 90CS Quattro have a CD receiver (Alpine) installed. When I turned 
> on the CD or radio, it will released a "Pop" sound even it was set to 
> "0" volume when I turned on the receiver. I heard someone told me that 
> there is a Ampifier inside the speaker and that is the reason why 
> released "pop" sound. Does anyone knew how to solve it?
> Also, is the Alpine receiver supposed to start from volume "0" whenever 
> you turn on it? My one doesn't do that?
> Any suggestion??? Appreciated.
> SC.
> '93 90CS Quattro
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