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Re: About the Sunroof - Elliott.

If your sunroof moves, then your motor works, so don't replace it.  I'm 99%
sure that your problem is with the little switches.  One thing to check,
does the red wheel turn as the motor turns?  If the red wheel doesn't turn
then that's probably your problem :)

If you don't have a multimeter to check continuity, you can fashion one
that will work here:

(hope this ASCII art works)

|    9v   } (+)---------------->
| battery |
|         ] (-)-----------(*)-->

where (*) is a small light bulb that will light up with a 9v battery. 
Insulate any bare wires with tape, but leave a bare bit at the end of the
lines where the ---> is; that's your probe.  Test this thing by touching
the two probes together; the light bulb should light up.

- ***Disconnect the relay*** for the sunroof.
- Make sure that the wires for the DPS switches aren't connected to
anything.  If they are, disconnect them!
- Twist your wires around the two leads of one of the switches, making sure
that the wires don't touch each other or anything else.  You should have
one probe on one of the switch leads, and one probe on the other.  It might
be easier to plug the probes into the switch's connector.
- Move the sunroof using the manual crank.  As the red wheel turns it will
hit the switches as the sunroof approaches its limits.  When the switch
that you're hooked up to changes states (goes from pushed in to not, or
vice-versa) the light on your tester should also change states (light up or
go out).  
- Test both switches...For each switch, start with the roof in it's totally
closed position, then open it all of the way, then close it all the way,
then go to full tilt.  I can't think right off what the switches should do,
but you'll be able to watch them and see when they're pressed in and when
they're not.

> From: Steven Chan <ykloveck@hotmail.com>
> To: epotter@abraxis.com
> Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: About the Sunroof - Elliott.
> Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 11:50 PM
> Hi, Elliott:
> It is me again. I changed a relay for the sunroof but the problem is 
> still there. So I think it would be the control switch (DPS). However, 
> the switch (white) which you suggested me to replace is mounted on the 
> motor, should I replace the whole motor? The motor is expensive - $250. 
> Do you think that the switch is openable? So I can try to fix the 
> switch. Any Suggestion is appreciated.
> SC.
> Elliott wrote:
> >>From what you've described, I would say the problem is either the 
> white DPS
> >switch or the relay.  It would be easiest to test the switch, if you 
> have a
> >multimeter or continuity tester--push the switch with your finger (with 
> no
> >power running to it) and see if the continuity changes.  Probably you
> >should unplug the relay before you do this.  The motor is making the
> >"tar-tar" sound because it is trying to push the roof but the roof 
> can't
> >move.  If it's trying to push the roof past the maximum position that 
> means
> >that the problem is with whatever controls the motor.
> >
> >If you need help testing the switches, let me know and I can tell you 
> how.
> >--
> >Elliott
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