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Re: driving lights suggestions

Subject: Re: driving lights suggestions

>What's the deal about high powered lights?  Auxillary lighting and
>highbeam/driving lights in my opinion should only be used when NO ONE is
>coming at you... (ie,just like highbeams). So put in the most powerfull
>you want, just use it correctly and no one will ever know, care, or
>I use 4 100w bulbs in my 5000TQ's euros and they bother no one cause
>off whenever someone's coming toward me.  Heaven help the poor slob's
>retinas who I have to flash cause they're to dumb to know how to use their
>lights or can't seem to have them aimed propperly (these mile high pick-up
>trucks and such). I'm constantly angered by poorly aimed auxillary "
>lights". These things have no cut off.   Most of the time it seems they're
aimed more like highbeams but used with the cars lowbeams.  Very un-nice.
>Joel Stetina<mlcmlc@enter.net>  87 5kTQ, 91 200QAvant , 79 323i,93 ZX11,83
1100F etc.

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>Subject: Re: driving lights suggestions
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>><< auxillary driving lights/head lights.
>> Suggestions?Experiences? >>
>>I mounted Bosch driving lights below my bumper at the tow hook positions.
>>pretty good. Lights up the path ahead & good peripheral light. Oncoming
>>drivers do not seem to be blinded. Would love to try 100W bulbs, but
>>risked it. 55W halogen bulbs seem to be sufficient. Fused to an ignition
>>controlled fuse.