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Re: Re: 4000S and 4000CS

In a message dated 11/12/98 11:59:06 AM, ti@amb.org wrote:

<<For U.S. model lineup only:

Audi called it "4000S quattro" for model years 84 and 85, then changed
it to "4000CS quattro" for 86 and 87.  Aside from the changes from
model year to model year, there is no real difference attributable
to the "C" in the name.  For the 5K line, a similar thing occurred.
The turbo models were just "5000S turbo" 85 and before, but became
"5000CS turbo" afterwards.

>Now, this is true only for the 4KQ and 5KT.  For the non-Q 4K, a
>4000CS was made available in 1986 along side the regular 4000S.  The
>CS came with a slightly higher trim level and the flat, 84-86 non-turbo
>5K-style aero wheels.

In addition to all this I've heard that the "C" designation stands for
comemorative.  Due to AutoUnion's anniversary...{not sure about this}