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Re: Re: 4000S and 4000CS

Mike0264@aol.com writes:
> In addition to all this I've heard that the "C" designation stands for
> comemorative.  Due to AutoUnion's anniversary...{not sure about this}

Well, there were special "Commemorative Edition" Audi 4000CS quattro
and Audi Coupe GTs built for 1986 to celebrate the 100 anniversary
of the automobile (Not that this means the 100 year anniversary
of Gottlieb Daimler und Karl Benz, who each individually "invented"
the automobile in 1886.  Audi, or any other part of the Auto Union,
did not come into existence until later).  These cars were white with
white wheels and red leather interiors.

The "CS" doesn't mean "commemorative" in most cases, except perhaps for
the 1986 4000CS non-q special model.  Also, Audi used the "CS" designation
in lots of later cars too, 92+ 100CS, 93+ 90CS...

You can loosely interpret "CS" as "Cool Stuff". :)

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