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Re: Pentosin Woes

In message <> Robert Myers writes:

> This is kinda like the idea that it is OK to add a quart of Mobil1 to your
> crankcase full of Valvoline.  They both do the same job and are fully
> compatible.  The 11S *may* be a bit better.  Then again...  Overkill?

I'm sure there's no benefit in doing it.  OTOH - given the Monkey Boy
mentality - it allows a workshop owner who's conscientious but can't
get mechanics with more than one brain cell to stock one grade only,
safe in the knowledge that no damage to customers' cars can result.

As expensive as it is, it's still preferable for a few folks who don't
need the green gold to get it - if it prevents those who _do_ need it
from running the chance of getting something else.

If you give a Monkey Boy the opportunity, he'll get it wrong.

Somewhat related - I have to rebuild the rear calipers on the ur-quattro
tomorrow - boots, seals, springs, general freeing up, disks, pads, and
flush.  I also decided to flush 'er indoors' car, because I haven't done
it yet and I'd like to make sure the bleeders move when I'm not
'stressed' for the thing to work.   So I bought my first ever 5 litre
can of DoT 4.  I'm wondering whether to modify the pressure bleeder to
fit the can, so I can do all six bleed points without refilling.  It's
not so much the inconvenience as all the cleaning and worrying about
spillage on the bodywork.

 Phil Payne
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