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Re: flashbulbs, was: 90q Temp Guage

Bruce Bell wrote:

> > >you drop the light on the floor, "flash!" and it's burnt out.
> >
> > that's why i long ago started using flourescent work lights.
> >
> I went to fluorescent when I changed the fuel pump on my son's 4kq. Cheap
> insurance :-)

Yep! I went to a flourescent light last year, after seeing the one my dad
had picked up. I like that the bulb is encased in a clear tube, that way if
you do drop it hard enough, you won't have broken glass everywhere and it
doesn't get "blast-furnace" hot. I now have a 150watt Halogen work light
that is gathering dust in the closet. Just a note, I stopped at one of those
discount surplus stores by my apartment and found a 12v flourescent trouble
light that plugs into the cig lighter, only $5, I jumped on it. I should
probably go back and see if they have any left, and pick up a couple more.

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