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Re: Pentosin Woes

>Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:36:59 -0800
>From: Wolff <quattro200@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Re: Pentosin Woes
>Does it then follow that 11S can be used on top of 7.1?

That's exactly the question I posed a few days ago. No one here has
ventured a definitive answer, probably 'cause Audi has not been explicit
about the matter. Given the fact that they (Audi) are doing exactly that
(using 11S on top of 7.1) themselves, my guess is that the answer is: Yes.

The answer to the inverse of that question (can 7.1 be used on top of 11S)
might not necessarily be the same.

Phil R.

>> While looking through the Bentley for the Type 43 5000Ts I found a copy of a
>> Product Circular on the subject.  It is Repair Group 48, Product Circular
>> 86-02, dated 12/31/86.  In this bulletin it states that G 002 000 can be
>> used for topping up or refilling power steering & hydraulic systems on all
>> model years.  It can be mixed with any hydraulic fluid previously used,
>> including ATF-Dexron and AOE 041 020 10.  It also states that this product
>> circular invalidates any stickers on the hydraulic reservoir.  It also
>> stated that this circular applied to all models.
>> Steve Buchholz
>> San Jose, CA (USA)

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