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Re: K&N Intake Air Temperature


I have the headers on my 323i wrapped, I also had them coated with Jet Hot.
I did it originally to combat under hood temps, but without actual verified
temps in the engine bay its difficult to say if its really any cooler. Get
this, last night I was out "playing" and I stopped to tweak one of my high
beams. I wasn't driving hard or fast. No really.
I popped the hood, and in a minor gap in the wrap I saw the header glowing a
bright orange...(!!) Something out of the coverage of Daytona 24 hours?  I
had not noticed this before as I guess you wouldn't really notice in the
light. This is disconcerting to me. Sorta scares me alot actually...Can
someone with a metalurgical back ground tell me how long I have untill my
system becomes molten? E gad. With the elavated exhaust gas temp any gases
present in the tube will be forced to move at a higher velocity, ie quicker.
I know alot of motorcycle racers use wrap for this reason. Boyles laws ??
A couple other thoughts on this; I had the headers off and noticed tha there
isn't a shread of carbon on the inner walls of each tube. Good velocity or
just incineration ? Be sure your down stream exhaust isn't close to anything
cause I bet it will be alot hotter as well.

Joel Stetina<mlcmlc@enter.net>  91 200Q, 87 5000TQ, 79 323i, & motorcycles

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Date: Friday, November 13, 1998 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: K&N Intake Air Temperature

>Wrapping the exhaust is an old technique.  One thing to consider is the
>health of the EM.  Wrapping it will cause it to break down and die faster
>because if the increased thermal stress.  How much quicker?  <shrug>
>At 01:31 AM 11/13/1998 ,  Nick Bean was inspired to say:
>>  I'm laid up here in the hospital for a few days, and was browsing
>>  Motor Trend for want of something to do (the TT article was OK).  In the
>>  advertising section, I found the "QUICK-WRAP SYSTEM" for insulating
>>  headers.  The company, Thermo-Tec, calls these things High-Velocity
>>  Jackets, and they claim to reduce underhood temperatures by up to 70%.
>>  There has been a lot of resistance across the list about having to build
>>  separate intake heat shield to maximize the K&N setup.  For those of us
>>  early '90 coupes (mine's #156) and the factory headers, this may prove
to be
>>  an alternative.  If they're easy on the wallet, I'm probably going to
>>  it a try.  At any rate, here's the contact info from the ad:
> Richard
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