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Re: S6+ bumper search

Hi Frank,

We're currently working on one for the group 44 chassis.  We took the lower
section of the RS2 cover, vents and light provisions, and grafted them onto the
200 bumper cover. Next we'll be pulling a mold off of the new part and offering
complete covers that replace the cover on the 200.
To do one of these for the S cars would likely take the same process, work,

Todd Candey
Vortrag Motorsports Inc.

Frank Amoroso wrote:

> Hello all,
> There are a group of us seeking a S6+ front bumper for installation on US
> S4's & 6's. If anyone can provide me with any leads please let me know.
> Also if anyone is aware of any other front bumpers available for the C4
> chassis S4/6 I'd appreciate it. I'd really like something RS2 style akin to
> what WheelPower makes for the A4, it has 3 large air openings and it does
> not have as pronounced a lower lip as say the A!Avantgarde piece.
> Thanks,
> Frank--