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Graspics v. Guardex?

During the list's late-summer snow tire speculation season, I remember
hearing these were similar tires. However, all discussion the the Graspics
has dropped off. Most folks fall seem to fall in the Yoka or Hakka camp. Any
reason why? Any _bad_ Graspic experiences reported that I missed?  (I _know_
why people use the Hakkas, no reason to reply there).

I'm sorry to drag out all the annual snow tire discussion, but the tightwad
in me can't help it. The Graspics _are_  nearly $20/tire cheaper (than the



PS -- not that it will help narrow things any ;-) but my needs are somewhere
along the lines of 50 percent rain, 20 percent dry pavement 50-degree days,
15 percent slushy snow, 15 compact snow and ice. Almost all the snow and ice
driving is between 20-35 degrees F.

Tim King
Seattle, WA
89 200tqw