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Re: Coupe GT R.I.P.

Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com> wrote;

> It's too late now :-( but the way to go is a "stated value" insurance
> policy, which is based on an appraisal.  You insure your car for what
> the appraiser deems it worth (your collision policy) now you have an
> established value besides the pathetic book value.
> This is going to be a must after I paint my car
You are kiddin' right Huw?   You have collision on an 82 or 85?  Total
waste of money.  Virtually doubles your insurance.  What is the car
worth with a new paint job?  You decide to drive off into the woods or
smack someone when you are not paying attention, c'est la vie.  Get
another ride.  They are not going to pay you for the powder coated