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Re: Does the Year 2000 bug affects Audis???

I just read an article on the Y2K problem in embedded chips.  what it comes
down to is that no one is really sure.  Chips are made in large batches and
have many more capabilities than are needed for each application.  For this
reason the chips may fail even though the car doesn't use the date.  The
chip is capable of it and this causes a problem.  Also The chips don't use
real time, they add time to a pre-programmed date.  For instance the chip
might add the time it is operational to the beginning date wich could be
1980.  When the date reaches 2000 it will fial so they may fail in 2005 if
they are not operated constantly.  Thank goodness I drive an early 1984 with
no ocmputer.

Jeremiah Curry
'84 Coupe GT 2.1 L (far from mint)

>I don't know what year Audis you are considering, but I would say that
>anything older than about 1996 (before OBD-II) should not be an issue.
>Certainly model years before 1990 there will be no issue ...