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Re: S8 in Canada? What, are you dreaming?

"Peter Blaser" <blaser@ultranet.com> writes:

>I'm afraid that you'd have to drive to Brazil to get one...

That would be an option...IF they didn't have the 
restrictive import duties.  An S8 sells in the 
neighborhood of $180,000 US.  

>Audi does have a web side for South America somewhere...


It's the website for SennaImport.  Senna is the official
importer for Audi/Porsche in Brazil.  Their web page is the 
best automotive page I've yet seen.  They even have RealPlayer
files of the weekly "Audi Magazine" television program, and 
the complete pictures and text of their "Audi" magazine. 
Only gotcha is it's all in Portugues.  Anyone ever comes 
across anything they want translated, let me know.  

>You would have to do something illegal to get it on the street and

I've "heard" of cars and motorcycles driven stateside with creative 

>If you need a standard transmission you should be looking at an '95.5 

If it's like the new A6 he thinks it's butt ugly. (his opinion)



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