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Re: Coupe GT R.I.P.

geo <gamills@ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> You are kiddin' right Huw?   You have collision on an 82 or 85?  Total
> waste of money.  Virtually doubles your insurance.  What is the car
> worth with a new paint job?  You decide to drive off into the woods or
> smack someone when you are not paying attention, c'est la vie.  Get
> another ride.  They are not going to pay you for the powder coated
> parts.

I didn't have collision on my '86.  Saved some money.  Don't know
I paid half.  Car was worth about $2000 or less, if I had to
hazard a
guess (I could be way off).  (don't know, since insurance never
to bother to make an offer, of course)

I smacked someone when I wasn't paying attention (or, rather,
myself to get smacked).  Lost my ride.

I wish I would have had collision coverage.  It would have made
aftermatch easier to deal with.

I would only recommend against collision coverage for a lower
car, if you actually are going to have money put away for that
ride you're going to have to get.  Or, at least a downpayment.