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Re: help start my 4ks...

Most likely,
the electrical part of the ignition switch. with the key in "on",
shake the key anmd see if it looks like there is an intermittent contact.

Even if you don't see it, replace that sucker. The part is $20 and is easy
to replace --- maybe an hour. Even if this isn't your problem, it will be
shortly -- they all go bad on a 4k.

Get your alternator checked ( for free) at a chain parts store like a
dvance auto parts. They have machines called BEAR which can test the
alternator in the car, with/without load etc. This will also tell you if
the connections from the alternator to the battery are good.

At 01:32 PM 11/14/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi again,
>I sure hope some of you digesters "work" on the weekend.  Here's my prob.
>My '84 4000 S w/ 160k mi.  went dead last weekend.  I figured, ah, she's
>been cranking up pretty slow lately, must need a battery.  So, I get a new
>battery...not dimensionally the same size as the old one, but close and has
>more cranking amps...(I tell you this because I'm not sure if it matters.)
>Does fine for exactly one week...then a few minutes ago, I turn the key to
>the "On" position and let the fuel pump prime up and stuff, turn it to the
>"Start" position and everything blacks out.  No power whatsoever.  Not to
>the radio, not to the clock.
>Eventually the second hand on the clock starts to shake, then comes to life.
>The radio works...so I turn the key to the "On" position again.  This time
>though, nothing comes on.  Clock & radio dies again.  Call girlfriend,
>"Bring jumper cables."   She shows up, connect cables, turn key to "On"
>dummy lights come on, turn key to "Start" position, black out.
>Rev girlfriends engine (the car) to 2500 rpm for 7 minutes thinking maybe
>this will charge my battery enough to start.  Turn key to "On"
>nothing...black out.   By the way, this is exactly how it happened last
>weekend with the old battery.
>I've got the battery at home charging.  What's wrong with my beautiful
>car???  Is it the alternator?  The little battery symbol dummy light wasn't
>coming on while driving.  Is it something else?  How hard is it to change
>the alternator?  Do I have to take the timing belt cover off?  Is the pivot
>bolt to the alternator an allen bolt?  I'm skrewed...
>Please, help me.  I am the sole Audi driver on the block.  I will not let
>this neighborhood go Audi-less!