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Re: Brakes done, wheel install?

On Sat, 14 Nov 1998, Stuart Friedman wrote:

> With help of many  I was successful in getting the rear rotors and pads
> changed on my 1993 100s today; one good unexpected outcome was that I found

Congrats.  I did all four brakes yesterday on my 5KCSTQ.  Its alot of work.

> All went decently well until the time came to put the wheel back on.
> Getting it all lined up was insane... used to drive Saab 9000 (quiet down)
> and they had a little nipple on the hub that you could hang the wheel on
> while you were getting things started. Maybe a properly sized stud with a
> slot in the end for a screw driver, put the stud in, hand the wheel, get a

Audi actually supplied a plastic stud that did exactly that.  I found one 
in the trunk of a '91 200TQ in the junk yard once.

I solved the whole stupid problem on my 5KCSTQ by installing studs in all 
4 hubs.  Its alot easier to change wheels now.  I hate wheel bolts.  
Studs/nuts are much better.

Graydon D. Stuckey
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