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FS: 92 S4 in Los Angeles

In the LA Times:  1992 Audi S4, $14995.  The car is at Audi of Van Nuys,
818/785-7111.  I looked at it today (Saturday).  Red with a black interior.
 97,000 miles.  Bose, Audi CD Changer in trunk, car phone.  I didn't look
at it with a fine toothed comb, but here is what I noticed:  rear
taillight/reflector, where the trunk key goes has a crack, a small part of
the vertical part of the trunk lid has a scratch and strange mark, and the
hood has a few paint chips on the leading edge.  Car looked pretty good,
but I didn't drive it for two reasons:  (1) it's in the showroom, and (2)
no one would talk to me.  Been a typical experience for me at that dealership.

91 200Q
91 Coupe (girlfriend's)