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Trunk is open!!

Well the Audi gods have smiled upon me.  After removing the back seat and
parcel shelf trim you can just barely see the release arm.  If you pop the
trunk light out and go through the opening with a long stiff wire (1/8"
welding rod) with a hook bent at the end,  the arm can be pulled just
enough to pop the latch.  I did'nt realize I had it until the trunk light
came on,  hence latch must be open!  Walked around and trunk was open.  The
arm on the lock cylinder that transfers the pushing motion to a sideways
pull had broken through the center of its pivot.  Even buying parts at cost
(I work at the dealer) I have the feeling that it's at least $100,  find
out monday morning.  Thanks for all advise given.  If anyone has a spare
lock cylinder they would like to sell please let me know.

Daniel Jones  84 4ksq (trunk held closed with rope)