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Re: Brakes done, wheel install?

Posting in (personal) jubilation.  Two words:  

		Wooden dowel.

I don't know what size it is but I had one laying around and it's just big
enough to bite the threads (and not tear the wood)...

At 09:49 PM 11/14/1998 ,  . . was inspired to say:
>  >There's one in my tool kit.  I have tried (several times) to find a
>  >part number - and if I ever do, I'll post it here in jubilation.
>  Mercedes has a part number for the tool. The Mercedes version is
>  made of aluminum (maybe rough chrome steel) by Hazet.  It was only 
>  $5 or $6 US when I purchased one a few years ago.  I will see if
>  the part number is stamped on it, it's buried in the trunk somewhere.

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