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Re: joke

In message <b9f8f317.364e4942@aol.com> POETbm@aol.com writes:

> The driver pulls out his money clip and peels off a $20 and a $10. He goes
> into his other pocket and pulls out a handful of change. Mixed up with the
> change are a few golf tees.

Audi is running a weird television advert over here at present.  It's
long, consisting entirely of "golf club" clips:

  "My wife says it's an extension of my office."

  "Controlling the swing is all done by the buttocks."

  "Women are welcome to play here at any time ... except
   Saturday mornings."

  "I mean, you meet a better class of person.  You can
   tell by looking at the car park."

No brands or images of cars right through.  The very last (short) clip
is either an A6 or an A8 (it's _very_ short) sweeping onto the screen.

  "Vorspung durch Technik.  As non-members might say."

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