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Re: Who has done euro-light upgrade on a 93-95 90?

kubychec@comm.mot.com (Russell Kubycheck) wrote:

>Has anyone on the list done an euro-light upgrade on a 93-95 90?

>>From what I understand, the turn signals need to be moved if you go with
>>the >H4/H1 headlight
>assembly. Where is a good spot to move them? and how difficult was it?

>I have checked the archives(a little bit), but I have not seen any
>comments on >this year/model.

There should be a post in the archives called 'Audi headlight swapping
guide' or something like that, which I wrote a couple of months ago.
Basically, it's a straight swap of your DOT lights for euro items. The turn
signals of the Euro B4 80 were seperate items on the headlight corners, and
your lights should fit here. If you decide to upgrade to Euro B4 90
headlights (dual-bulb type) you should move your turn signals, as these
lights have no provision for turn signals. European 90s have their turn
signals in the bumper (along with fog lights), which might be hard to do on
US cars because of the 5mph bumpers.

BTW Don't do only the lenses. It's both reflector and lens that produce the
miserable light.



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