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Re: Bentley manual for CQ and 20v's

In message <4.1.19981114132843.00bbc4f0@pop.site1.csi.com> Richard Beels writes:

>>  On that note, I think you can use the Nissan tool made by [Lisle] sold
>>  at pep boys, etc. to screw the rear caliper back in.

Bugger.  Damn.  Sod.

I spent two hours yesterday grinding a "universal" piston tool into the
required shape for the ur-quattro's Girling rears.  Hayway's didn't
have anything that fit.

I've previously used water-pump pliers, but I noticed that one of the
boots had a tiny rip in it, so I thought I'd go the official way.  I
also suspect Audi shipped me a bad seal kit.

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