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RE: 91 200 tq ABS sensor

I have been unable to find any specs on what the gap should be, but I did
find a diagram on the AllData CD showing the shaft splines and the sensor
having a gap there. I may just experiment a bit to try and find the right
distance. I'm thinking "push in to stop", then back out a little bit.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q

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> Subject: 91 200 tq ABS sensor
> Qlisters -
>     I am replacing the left front strut on the 200 today and remembered an
> issue Rob Winchell had with the seating depth of the ABS sensor. My car is
> still equipped with UFO brakes and therefore the original strut housings.
> Bentley recommends to "press in up to stop", no mention of critical
> clearance or dimensions. Rob?
> Tom Nestor
> Tilton, NH
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