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Re: Stated value insurance

Huw Powell wrote:

> So, ignoring the time and effort I have invested, and the emotional
> unreality that thus intrudes, does that mean you think the Coupe GT is
> just not a car worth keeping on the road?
> List reasons.
> (only problem I can see is that it isn't old enough...)

Absolutely not, or any car that is roadworthy for that matter.  I went to
look at an 86 coupe recently that I was all fired up to buy.  The price
was good and it had a lot of work done to it, new clutch, brakes and
lines, CV joints, etc.  When I got there the owner was shaking hands with
a nice young man.  I was too late.  I asked if I could have a look anyway
and it was a fine car, new paint to boot.  $1900 cdn.

This all started when I asked you why you would get collision insurance on
your car which would essentially double the price of your insurance.  I
would not.  But Martin Pajak straightened me out on why you would.  He
posted to the list so I will copy it here in case you missed it.


> I understand your point Martin. But the fact remains, you have a
> valuable ur-q and Huw has a coupe.   It's obvious Huw loves his car.
There is
> a point where you have to stand back and be objective.

You can't be objective when it comes to car-crazy individuals.Besides cars
have been modified extensively have no market value in the eyes of the
The car is worth what the owner thinks it's worth to him.
It's almost like Hot Rods.  There is no market value becouse there is no
other car
exactly like it.

Bottom line, it's valuable enough to Huw.

I know how it feels to put a lot of money, time and effort into a car and
"market value" for it just becouse someone did not stop on a STOP sign.
wish that on anyone and I can see the reason to get collision for a
special (maybe
to that person and no one else) automobile.

Martin Pajak