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Need info on 5-bolt conv

The desire for a smaller car than my 200tq has started me considering a 
MC transplant in a 90q.  Not though, as the 90 might be a bit _too_
small, particularly in terms of headroom w/ helmet on.

I am trying to buget somwhat in advance so, if I do go this route I will
be using a coilover suspesion (prob 2Bennett), and I am also considering
a 5-bolt conversion.  As I see it, the main advantage is the ability to
use my Fuch wheels.  As far as brakes go it would be easier to get big
rotors (276 or 288mm) rotors in 5-bolt, but I might be using 2pc rotors,
which eliminates that problem. 5-bolt is stronger, but I don't think
4-bolt is likely to fail except in rally type conditions, which this car
will NOT see (unfortunately!).  Any other advantages I am missing?

What parts would I need?  Can I use any of the parts of my crashed 89
200tq?  What kind of $$$ are we talking about?