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Re: Bucking 4KCSQ Resets Clock!?

same thing happened on my '86 coupe, check the ground connections
that are on the intake manifold.

Rich Andrews
>  Sent this to Peter:
> >Peter.....My 86 4kcsq developed a tendency to buck after I swapped engine
> blocks this year. I had put all the stock components back on the
> replacement block, and had set all the ignition and fuel modules to what
> the book called for. But is still bucked when I tried to hold a steady
> speed on the straitaway.
> >
> >Tried lots of adjustments to the fuel system and injectors, all of which
> helped but didn't totally solve the problem. Several injectors required
> cleaning.  Started to get a handle on it by re-gapping the plugs, which
> were new. Gapped them at 45 thousandths and the bucking almost totally went
> away.
> >
> >This gave me a clue that my problem was somewhere in the ignition/timing
> system. So I retarded the timing a few degrees and the entire bucking
> episode was over.  Then I experimented with regapping the plugs back to
> specifications, and had no problems. I think I ended up leaving the plugs
> at 30 thousandths cold.
> >
> >This bucking episode taught me that my naturally aspirated stock I-5 is
> not happy with stock timing settings, and requires fine-tuning of the sort
> I describe above.
> >
> >Can't say it did anything to my clock, but maybe we are dealing with
> different gremlins here.
> >
> >Keep us informed about your progress. I'd check my plug gaps first, regap
> wide, and if that helped I'd retard the timing a few degrees.
> >
> >Doyt Echelberger
> >86 4kcsq
> >87 5kcstq
> >
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> >At 11:12 AM 11/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >>The other night while driving home in my '87 4KCSQ it started to buck.
> >>Not hesitate but buck. Just once, every few minutes - randomly. The
> >>strange thing is I noticed it reset the clock (computer) on the dash but
> >>everything else seemed to be working normally. In fact there was no
> >>light flicker or any other abnormal behavior - the LED's in the center
> >>console didn't even blink and the radio continued to operate.
> >>
> >>I got home okay and the next morning I able to  get it started but
> >>barely keep it running - so I drove my other '87 4KCSQ to work :-)
> >>(always keep a spare Quattro on hand). Anyway, I got a chance to look at
> >>the car last weekend and it started and ran fine! What gives? I started
> >>driving it again but after a few days the same thing only much less
> >>frequently.
> >>
> >>One last bit of info, I haven't had to put new gas in it since this
> >>bucking started  - I don't know if that maters but I thought I'd mention
> >>it.
> >>
> >>I look to the wisdom (and hard earned lessons) of the list.
> >>
> >>Cheers,
> >>Peter
> >>2 x '87 4KCSQ
> >>
> >>
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> >>
> >>
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