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Re: Help - Brake Bleeding gone wrong

> Can anyone help me out here. I installed new front caliper lines on my
> UrQ. I bled the fronts, both w/ no problem. Then I started the official
> bleeding. I bled the pressure regulator, no problem. When I went to the
> right rear caliper all I get is air. I have been bleeding it now for an
> hour w/ a vacuum gun and I still get air. What's going on, the same
> thing happens with the left rear. The fronts bleed OK though. I wrapped
> the bleeder screws w/ teflon so air leaks w/ the screws aren't the
> issue. Any help of the immediate kind would be appreciated. Or give me a
> call at (914) 969-8328 to save my rapidly deteriorating weekend.
> Andrew Finney
> 1983 UrQ.

Unless UrQ's are different from all other cars in the universe (insert 
pithy statement here), one should bleed the caliper the furtherest 
distance from the master cylinder.  Normally that is the right rear, 
followed by the left rear (opposite for right-hand drive cars), then the 
passenger front, and finally the driver's side front.  Hope this helps.
	Very Respectfully,