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New Audi Books FS

Hey Guys,
I finally picked up some new titles you would be interested in. I've also
dropped my prices by more than half on some titles and as much as 75% off on
others! I'm going for the volume sales way of making money.
See below for new titles. 

88/89 100/200 Service training info. 60 pages covers everything for the new
models introduction.
  $6 each!

94/95 Audi Cabriolet Service Training. 44 pages. $4 each!

1989 Model Change Info. Service Training 47 pages, covers Turbo engine,
shift lock 2, Air Bag, 100 Sunroof, AC System, 90 Climate control,  Bose
Sound system,  and the 90 alarm system. $4 Each!

1993 " the new 90 Introduction"  43 pages covers all changes for the new
engine, and all other updated areas. For 93 and new 90s. $6 each!

92 1/2 Motronic Engine Management for S4 and 4.2L V8!! I could write a page
description on this book, but the fact is if you own a  4.2L V8 or a
Motronic 20V you need a copy of this! 72 pages  $8 each!!

90 -on 4 speed Auto-Trans 097 Service Training . 52 pages $4 each!

80-85 4000 models Wiring Diagrams 268 pages spiral bound great for the shop
! New. only $15

78-85 5000 Models Wiring Diagrams 308 pages same as above except for 5000s
New! Only $15

1992 Model Change Info Covers S4 20V engine, V8 engine,  V8 trans oil
cooler, dual mass flywheel, 01E trans,  V8/S4 front brakes,  100 CS Q rear
suspension,  01F trans, Air bag, S4 headlights, & new Systems for the V8.
Again this is another must have for S4 and V8 owners! 63 pages $8 each!

89-92 Coupe Q w/ 20V Service Training covers all areas of the  MPI engine
management system, and the rest of the car. A must have for  20V owners with
MPI management. Price slashed now only $7 each! 

Will post my special $2 list in a few days. Also will add a book section to
my web site www.a2-16V.com <http://www.a2-16V.com> 

Email me privately. Prices do not include shipping

Thanks for the space,


Dfutrell@whpacific.com <mailto:Dfutrell@whpacific.com>