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Re: V8 Redux

>Larry- I feel for you---but on to somethings that might help. First, I think
>your first problem is the dealer. If you are capable of doing your own work,
>start now! If you need the manual, I will work with you to get mine copied
>(thanks to Unca Bart BTW whats happened to him?). Next, have the transmission
>fluid changed, buy a dipstick for the transmission,so you can check/maintain
>the fluid level(make sure the car /xmission is fully warmed up). Change your
>brake fluid and coolant every two years, and oil/filter every 5K miles.Check
>all of your CV joint boots to ensure no splits/cracks. Change both breather
>hoses . Keep good tires on it,to avoid unnessesary fender benders, and keep
>your insurance paid up. Other then that drive the beast and enjoy, its a GREAT
>car, I know because I have had one for the last six years. I also have an A8
>and I am having a tough time deciding which car I like better.
>Frank Santoro
>1990 V8 (for sale?)
>1998 A8

I here Frank.  My V8 is been wonderful.  Short of regular maintenance, the
only thing the needed to be done to the car was replace the rear mail oil
seal (t-belt did break and screwed the heads up, but that was covered under
warranty and was a problem I don't a break down because of a bad car, but
becuase of Audi not telling us we need to change the belt at 60k).  My
tranny is a manual and had a second gear synchro problem.  Fixed it by
changing the fluid to Redline MTL 75w-90.