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Re: Fuch Color Availability

Well, they were available in Gobi beige, Fiche or not.  I have a set of 4
sitting in my garage...

Maybe someone can confirm what I was told recently by the dealer:

"Only silver and pearl are available.  Other colors must be painted to match."

At 06:10 PM 11/15/98 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <364F1353.F5E1FD0B@aero.und.edu> Erik R Addy writes:
>> With all the recent posting about Fuchs, I have started wondering about
>> what colors they came in.  I know they came in:
>> Color       Part # suffix
>> Pearl White    0A9 (via Phil)
>> Silver         ???
>Zermat Silver is Y7Y for the wheel, V7T for the centre cap.
>> Gobi Biege     ???
>Not in the ur-quattro fiche.
>> And lastly, I have been told that Fuchs were made in both cast and
>> forged versions.  Phil posted the forged pn as 447 601 025F, anyone know
>> the cast pn?
>Nothing in the ur-quattro microfiche, apart from some 9" wheels for the
>The same part number with a different suffix (447 601 025G) is "Rally
>Black steel 6x15 for winter tyres".
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