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5000T parting out? (prices) (fwd)

Ok, so far it looks like I'm going to get this beast that
means I will have an extra 4kq 2.2 i-5 With a excellent running
injection system sitting in my garage it is the JT code
and I would like to see it go to good use. 
It will include the intake and the header and the downpipe.
It has always started for me on the first try even when it is freezing
here in Texas.
Castrol 20w50 every 2 weeks for the first 3 months of ownership, then 
evry 2-3k miles after that. Just did a compression test last week
with all plugs removed I got 150 +/- 5psi in every cylinder.
Runs strong, passes emissions without cat (oops). 
New cam belt less than 3kmiles ago, idler makes a little noise every now
and then.
BTW, I am in the D/FW area.
Any resonable offer will not be refused.
BTW, this is an '86 with CIS injection.

And the parts list updated
 SOLD**** coolant tank $20
  complete interior (no rips, burns, no worn out bolsters) $125 
  P/s Pump no leaks $45 
  P.s Rack, no leaks, $70, 
  Cv axles $25 each, Auto Trans unit may already be spoken for...
  Aux radiator, $35
  Fuel Pump $45
  Window regulators including motors $50.00 each
  Any body panel that un-bolts (fenders, hood, trunk, doors) $30 each
  Rims with tires (rims in good shape, no curb burns or bends) $200
  Front Subframe $50
 SOLD**** Control Arms $30 each
  Front Brake Calipers $50 each
 SOLD**** Climate Control unit $30 (head unit w/display)
 SOLD**** Climate control vacuum actuator unit $25 (w the 6 vacuum lines)
 SOLD**** Rear brake calipers $35 each
  Tie Rods $35 each
  Front Struts w/ hubs $55 each
  Dash unit (160mph speedo tach, etc complet) $65
 SOLD**** Center Tail light section $45
  Radiator $45 
  P/S hoses $25 each
  Anything else ask me about.
  any reasonable offer will not be refused but I would like to 
  have payment upon the time of shipping.
  If you are buying a few items, we can work out some sort of discount.
  If you think my pricing is way too high let me know but I think it is more 
  than fair. I will not ship anything or sell any part that I would
  not want to put on my car. So drop me aline on what you are interested in
  and I will let you know as soon as the car is mine (Thursday) I think this 
  weekend is trip weekend ( car that is). Of course buyer pays shipping
  and I would prefer money orders over checks. especially for anything over $50.
  BTW, I am located in the D/FW area.
  Rich Andrews