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RE: 5ktqw Low End Power

>I mention this because several times I've read about the loss of power
>these cars (turbos) have at higher altitudes.  And I was thinking that
>someone up in the mountains must have worked out a tweak that helps...
>I'm not after mod's that will get me a bunch more power up at the high
>end (nice but not really what I need).  I'd even be willing to
>some of that high end power to bring it back down to the 2-3k rpm
>Any ideas out there?

    Umm, Yes.  A big one.  It will cost you $1,000 and some time if you
DIYS or more to have someone else do it.   Put a k24 turbo of the newer
89-91 200 on it.  It is much smaller and thus spools up at a much lower
RPM.  About 1,000 rpm lower I believe.  Now you dont get full boost
untill 4,000 rpm or More maybe at high altitude, i dont know.  The k24
will give you full boost at like 2,500 here at Sea Level I know.  SHould
make a big difference.  Then have Scott Mockery or someone modify your
chip for higher boost.  Then you will have power sooner AND more up
high.  :-)