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RE: Dealer dis-service award- Valley Motors

Paul asks:
>I gotta tell you, the whole "monkey-lad" thing kinda bothers me too.  Not
all of us
>are graced with nice clean white shirts from day one.  Lots of these guys
work hard
>for low pay.  When's the last time you tipped one for taking really good
care of you?

Paul's question reminds me of a little incident I'd like to share.
I stopped by to talk to one of my very most favorite mechanic's recently.
His name is Bo, at Acceleration here in Columbus.
I needed some advice re: the condition of a CV joint I was cleaning and
re-greasing along with replacing the boot.  He's a busy guy but he took
time to look at it while ignoring the ringing phone, told me it looked fine
and I could continue using it with peace of mind.  I tried to give him $5,
he refused it.  I tried to insist but he wouldn't take it...said he hadn't
done anything to earn it!

If anybody ever needs a recommendation in this area, these guys have my
vote.  They specialize in German machinery...Audi, Porsche, etc.  They have
several older 5KS' which they rent for a very modest fee as loaner
cars...$10/day I think.  Anyone who knows these cars can get an idea of
what kind of shop they are by popping the hood on one of these cars.  The
one I looked at was the most mechanically perfect example I've ever seen.
>Everything< under the hood that could benefit from service had been tended
to.  And I mean everything.

Dave Conner

Columbus, OH
91 200Q 20v avant (for sale)
89 100E
87 5KS 
86 4KQ