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Rear door panel removal on '86 4kq

This weekend I was going to try and remove one of the rear door panels to
take a look at the window regulator and lube the other window, but I
couldn't figure out how to remove the panel.  No visable screws, so I tried
prying it off, thinking it may be held in by clips, but stopped shortly into
the procedure because it didn't seem like I was doing it correctly. What is
the proper way to remove the panel to gain access to the window regulator?

As for this weekends repairs on the car, went to a local bone yard and got a
replacement sun visor, a new bulb unit for one of the front corner lamps
(the old bulb was fused into the unit), and bought the entire outside mirror
just so I could get the glass, which I then cracked while trying to remove.
Oh well, I guess a cracked mirror is better than no mirror. :-(  I would
have replaced the entire unit (which is what I should have done, since the
motor doesn't work on my mirror) but I didn't want to splice the wires. But
I can still do that in the near future.

Again, any info on how to remove the door panels would be greatly

Matt Daniels
'93 90S
'86 4kcsq