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5k questions

for my '87 5kcstq 5spd:

1. My front seat leather is gettin' hard (no jokes!).  I've tried 
reconditioning, but to no avail--plus there's a few tears.  Anyone get 
theirs reskinned & padded?  If so, how much? (these aren't heated)

2. I put valvoline 50/50 mineral/synth in, it's 5W-30.  Is this a good 
viscosity?  Temps here in LA range from 105 summer to low 40's winter 
nights.  Plus I'll be going to the mtns for snowboarding.  

3. My gearbox seems "crunchy" or notchy.  Not overly so, but it takes a 
little gingerly touch to shift, esp. 1-2 or 3-2.  Would gearbox lube 
help this?  Bad syncros?

4. Related to 3, the clutch effort and travel is mucho.  More than my 
'95 jeep wrangler! (just had the clutch slave master cyl. repl.)  I 
haven't driven another, so is this normal for this model, or should I 
have something checked?  It shifts fine, no slippage or anything.  But 
my left quadricep is like Popeye's arm, my right like PeeWee Herman's.


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