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Lighting Wattage 1990 V8Q.

I've tried following the various discussions on the lighting subject

Exactly what is the consensus or BTDT's on replacing the stock 9004
45/65 watt bulbs with the overwattage 80/100 watt bulbs?  Is is OK 
for the harness and bits?  Heat damage to reflectors/housing? 
Darkening of same?

I am considering the "dichroic Ion Blue" lights available on the
autoptics website a lister was nice enough to post on here.
Never had an inclination to do this before, but a near miss
on an oil slick rain soaked blacktop has made this a priority.

I'm also considering their Sealed Beam conversion for the 5KS, albeit
changing the sealed beams once a year keeps the illumination

On this note, I would like to ask if any Euro listers or listers in
countries could please ask which replacement wattage is offered 
when one goes to buy a bulb for a V8Q over the counter at  the dealer in
country.  IF they offer the 80/100 watt bulb, then it answers the 
question, since the wiring gauge/relay setup look identical on 
the Euro and American models.


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