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Re: N/A piston sources

"Ken Keith" <ken.keith@specialdevices.com> writes:

>Does anyone know of an affordable source for some quality pistons for 
>a 4ksq?  I'd like to increase the compression from the stock 8.5/1 up to

>something more performance oriented, but I do not want to have to run 
>anything higher octane than pump gas, or have to get some kind of 
>knock  sensing ignition (I believe the '85 doesn't have a knock sensor, 

>If I could get them in a larger bore, that would be good too.

Try Wiseco (http://www.wiseco.com/) they made up a set of custom
pistons a friend needed for a Mercyless Benz engine.  Only downside
was it took 2 months to fill the order, but the price was very
It was a Euro HP engine, modified by an Italian company that wanted 
more for their pistons than the car was worth.


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