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Re: 80Q/NG Advancing the timing


>Can someone give me information on advancing the timing on a 1988 80
>Quattro?  I have my Coupe GT JT motor advanced about 12 deg and like the
>end power.  Does the NG motor behave in the same manner?  I just want to
>know if I advance it 10-12 degrees with my adjustable timing light,
>without screwing with the computer, or the duty cycle.

Unlike the KX/JT motor of the CGT/4Kq, the NG uses an ignition control
unit that advances or retards the engine timing based on a knock
sensor.  So, you cannot advance the timing on your 80 like you can
on your Coupe.  On the plus side, the ignition system should automatically
advance the timing for you.  If you can hear the engine pinging when
you first accelerate from a stop, and then it goes away, your ignition
control system may be retarding the timing (and causing you to lose
power).  In such a case, you might want to try running a few tanks
of higher octane gas to see if you recover that power.

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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