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Re: N/A piston sources

cobram@juno.com (Juno Cobram) wrote:
> "Ken Keith" <ken.keith@specialdevices.com> writes:
> >Does anyone know of an affordable source for some quality pistons for 
> >a 4ksq?  I'd like to increase the compression from the stock 8.5/1 up to
> >something more performance oriented, but I do not want to have to run 
> >anything higher octane than pump gas, or have to get some kind of 
> >knock  sensing ignition (I believe the '85 doesn't have a knock sensor, 
> >correct?).
> Try Wiseco (http://www.wiseco.com/) they made up a set of custom
> pistons a friend needed for a Mercyless Benz engine.  Only downside
> was it took 2 months to fill the order, but the price was very
> reasonable.


Does anyone have any BTDT's as far as compression ratios, piston styles.

Mike Tipton, are you reading?  How 'bout some of them "Keith Black 
Hypereutectic" ones?

Anyone got any used ones (high compression and/or oversize)?  Is it bad to 
use used ones?  Forged or cast?  Etc...

The good thing is the pistons are the same as watercooled VW pistons, I 
believe, so performance pistons are available.  But which ones, and for 
how much?