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Re: 5ktqw Low End Power

    I believe the K24 is less suspect to overspinning.  It will spin faster easier
but it can handle a lot more.  YOu may be right about chipping it though.  BUT,
simply putting on the k24 would give him the power that he wants down low.  That
should be safe enough and fairly cost effective.  Whats a new k24, $1,200.  Audi
Sport unit is like $1,800.  Used is what, $400.
    THanks for the point on the altitude
Oh, and as for CALIBAN, I have no idea.  I know plenty of people who run higher
boost on the list at altitude with no problems but if you do it day to day, you
may run into Turbo Longevity problems or something.  Exp if the point on the k24
is right and it will overspin easier than k26.  I think it can spin faster though
and be safe.  I'd ask a Turbo Guru like Ned at Intended Acceleration though.
BTW, John Karasaki just put a k24 in his UR-q and it is Fast.  He is running
slightly higher boost too but was hitting 115 at the end of PIR straightaway.
That is moving.  Looked to pull hard right out of the corner too.

c a l i b a n wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Lewis, Gary M wrote:
> :|Be very careful.  The pre 91 cars don't have an altitude measurement feature
> :|protecting the turbo from over-spining by limiting boost.  I would think a
> :|K24 would be more suspect to overspining than a K26 since the K24 is
> :|smaller.  I would be a little paranoid to chip a car in high altitude
> :|conditions.  I would be extremely paranoid chipping a K24 equiped car at
> :|high altitude conditions with out some kind of ecu protection, like the
> :|91q20vt has.
>         fascinating!  so if i chip my 83 urq, i shouldn't drive
>         it up to tahoe - or shouldn't drive it hard while there?
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