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RE: 5ktqw Low End Power

Todd said;

> Hmmm,
>     I believe the K24 is less suspect to overspinning.  It will spin
> faster easier
> but it can handle a lot more.  
I have no BTDT, but I'm fairly certain that a K24 cannot push as much air as
a K26.  The K26 is a larger unit than the K24.

> YOu may be right about chipping it though.  BUT,
> simply putting on the k24 would give him the power that he wants down low.
Absolutely agree on this point.  Great upgrade to a pre Mac-14 Q.  Should
run nicely on 1.8 Bar. 

>   That
> should be safe enough and fairly cost effective.  Whats a new k24, $1,200.
> Audi
> Sport unit is like $1,800.  Used is what, $400.
>     THanks for the point on the altitude
> Oh, and as for CALIBAN, I have no idea.  I know plenty of people who run
> higher
> boost on the list at altitude with no problems but if you do it day to
> day, you
> may run into Turbo Longevity problems or something.  Exp if the point on
> the k24
> is right and it will overspin easier than k26.  I think it can spin faster
> though
> and be safe.  I'd ask a Turbo Guru like Ned at Intended Acceleration
> though.
On the altitude issue, I just take it easy.  I drive in Mammoth with the 1.8
bar mod , alt +8,000',  slowly.
Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 108km Pearl w/Fuchs
86 5Kcst 5sp 1.4 Bar 202km Sapphire
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