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Re: 5ktqw Low End Power

Lewis, Gary M wrote:

> I have no BTDT, but I'm fairly certain that a K24 cannot push as much air as
> a K26.  The K26 is a larger unit than the K24.

    Yes and No.   THe K26 is bigger.  BUT, As we all know, Bigger is not always
Better.  For an analogy, a mid 70's Chevy 350 is big.  BUT, it is not capable of
moving as much air and making as much power as a 3.5 liter Formual 1 motor of
half the size.  BUT, if you put the technology into the 350 (Like Nascar or Drag
Racers do) you could put out more Power than the F1 motor.
    OK, Think of the OLD K26 as the old 350.  The k24 is smaller but a much
newer design so it is more efficient.  It can compress just as much air at more
efficiently.  But, you could modify a k26 with better technology (like the
porsche designed RS-2 Turbo out of the Audi RS-2) and have a Turbo vastly
superior to the k24 for raw output.  But, the k24 still spools up faster.
    I hope that made sense.  I am not a pro but after many discussions with Ned
Ritchie and some others, I belive this to be true.
    ANd back to the statement,  Even if the k24 couldn't push as much air at a
given RPM, if it is safe (like a F1 motor is safe at 12,000 rpm but a street V8
is not) at a higher RPM then spinning it faster may not be a problem.  This is
what I have heard but again, just transfering my limited knowledge.

> Absolutely agree on this point.  Great upgrade to a pre Mac-14 Q.  Should
> run nicely on 1.8 Bar.

    A k24 with 1.8 bar would be VERY Nice.  Add a larger Intercooler and RS2
Exhaust Manifold, with a Free Flow Exhaust and you could run 2.0 or 2.2 with
some minor FI mods.  (Like an Added Injector).  2.2 would give arou;nd 275 hp.
THAt would be nice.  :)  Probably not good at High altitude though.  Alathough,
AT Audifest 97'  CArl Jerrits had no Problems with his 350 hp 5ktq.

> On the altitude issue, I just take it easy.  I drive in Mammoth with the 1.8
> bar mod , alt +8,000',  slowly.

    I applaud you Gary.  I always have problems keeping my self off the
throttle.  I just love to use it.  And I love coming out of an Icy corner and
Lunging forward at the Suburban in front of me that is going 8 mph too.  :-)
    But, you are right.  Taking it easy is always the best way if you are not