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Re: Gute Fahrt Magazine 11/98

quinn@hns.com writes:
> Tom Nas [SMTP:tnas@euronet.nl] wrote:
> > -The New Beetle is introduced in the true European version, with nice
> > clear-glass headlights and news of a high-performance 150 hp V5 version
> Was this really V5 or 5V?  I've heard there is a VR5 under development (or
> already developed?) but I thought the 'sporty' version of the (new) Beetle
> was to use the VAG 1.8T 5V engine?

The V5 = VR5.
Apparently VW decided that the VRn nomenclature confuses people and
is switching to calling its VRn engines just plain 'ol Vn.  It's
doing this for the VR6 too -- it's going to be called V6 in the future.

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