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Re: Misc questions

Run a compression test before you decide to strip the and work the head.
If the engine has been well treated, you're just getting to the loosened up
and broken-in stage.  

40 HP (33% increase for the NG)?  Doubtful.  Turbo swap?  Fun!

About all that can be done to the motor (that I'm aware of) is: K&N filter
($40) worth a handful, new cam ($200-300?) worth maybe a couple hands,
bigger exhaust ($600ish) worth a handful, TAP has a chip ($250) worth 15 or
so.  EH can't be worth more than 15-20.  You could get the head decked and
ported for $200-250 and that might be worth as much as the exhaust.
Somehow though, you just can't slap all these together and get a 200HP
fire-breathing 80Q...  ;-(

Regardless, you have a few years to ponder it... ;-)

At 11:13 PM 11/16/1998 ,  Jeff Loh was inspired to say:
>  Hi q-listers:
>  Rejoining the list after a long absence. I searched the archives for some
>  answers but couldn't find any. If anyone can comment on the following I'd
>  be much obliged.
>  - My 80q is approaching middle age (160,000 mi). Sometime when it nears
>  200k I'm thinking time for a new motor. I have two choices, swap the 5-cyl
>  for a 200 turbo motor, or doing some work on the present motor. My mechanic
>  says that decking the head and extrude-honing the ports could gain me 40hp
>  from my 80q. Does anyone have real life experiences before I commit to one
>  or the other?
>  At 5,000 ft, I'm tempted to go for the boost. :)

	88 90Q "Hannu" - K+N, new vac hoses, still 0.0 bar....
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally