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Re: Fender rolling method?

In message <199811170324.TAA13292@theta2.ben2.ucla.edu> Michael Williams writes:

> I am debating on whether to get 15x8 ronal R8's or 15x7 Fuchs and if i go
> with the ronals, i need to roll the rear fenders.  The thing is that: 1.
> im scared to mess up the outside of the fender, 2. i dont have much money
> to have someone else to do it, 3. i dont want to mess up the outside of
> the fender.....
> So, does anyone have on file that old post about rolling the fender, and
> also, anyone with experience, how easy is it to mess this up and ruin the
> fender itself?

You know, I went back to the microfiche after we last commented and I
can't find anywhere that indicates any fender differences by model
year or chassis.  Feeling under my fenders, there's quite a substantial
lip in there.

 Phil Payne
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