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Re: abs

>as a newcomer to the list you'll learn that the quattros are quite
>different from a regular car.

Whether this is good or bad depends on if it is running.

>you should always use it with the centre diff
>locked (pos 1) when driving on slippery surfaces or "with gusto"

Worth mentioning that this comment only applies to gen1 quattros (198x- urq,
4k, 5k for the most part).  Within that context, the statement is absolutely
correct, insuring torque to all 4 wheels.  Gen2 and beyond which use the
Torsen center diff don't allow locking it, but from what I understand about it's
operation, you still get torque to both front and rear- provided they both have
traction.  On gen2 cars you can lock the rear diff, but this is only for
getting un-stuck as it disengages above about 15mph.  And the newest
version (A4/6/8) has computerized traction control.

My comments ignore subtleties of the Torsen which have been discussed
ad-nauseum previously.

Matt Rooke